The sun!  How glorious it is to feel the soft breeze against my skin, the glow of the hot sun kiss my body and the hum of the busy bees, tweets of the sweet birds and the groans from the lips of virile men as they come to visit to me. Visits by amazing men […]


I really enjoy my sister’s visits!  Usually it’s just Saturday and gone Sunday but with her work ending for the summer…. it’s PLAY TIME!  Yup!  We have just GOT to go to a lake (are there any good lakes left?) Spend time in our garden.  And of course tan on the deck! There’s only a […]

As we team up to write this we are laughing!  Enjoying this thought: Summer is indeed here and with it comes the outdoor play!  I really enjoy the early mornings as the fog slowly fades away with the nasty mosquito’s. Though depending on the playtime, mosquito’s can be quite amusing to Me! Poor little naked […]

I am a Dominatrix.  BUT that does not mean I do not have sex.  It means I am choosy at who is worthy to insert their penis into My vagina.  It’s not always sexual attraction.  In most cases  anyways it is.  And without that, your just a blob on the bed getting Me off.  Nothing […]

How do you serve Me?  Oh little subbie!  It’s so easy!  Just listen.  Do not assume.  Do not think its all about sex because it’s so broad ranged the servitude I desire!  I have lots of things to be done in My home.  Inside and out.  Clothing is optional and bug spray may be used […]