To Protect or Not to Protect ~ That’s Not a Question You Should Even Consider!!

The Question or problem really, is that I get requests for BAREBACK and BBBJ,  let’s just clear the air:  Both are sexual interactions without the use of CONDOMS!    And something I WON’T DO!!!


Ok, I get how you all think condoms make you feel less (isn’t that a good thing for you quick men?  The Pre-cumers?  The 2 second man?)   but geeze lousie!  This isn’t the 80’s when condom’s were built really thick!  They were not built for you in mind but for the stopping of the spreading of infectious diseases!!  Todays standards are so freaking thin you can’t tell their on!


Seriously!  I remember when you could blow one up and actually treat it like a balloon and would stay blown up for days!  LOL!!!  Oh the stoner days!

Today?  Their thin, like really thin!  Coming in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  Not like the old days when you had one size fits all!  Poor micro penis in a tent or a giant dick wrapped so tight you could barely get it on!

And why?  Because of the STD’s out there!  AIDS, Hepatitis, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia to name just a few….  It was just after the Hippies and their free love and into the 70’s disco movement, all stoned up on cocaine that these diseases became rampant ALL WORKING WOMEN and MEN used protection!!!  ALL!  Even the crazy 80’s women in the bars used protection!!  (Oh how I remember those days!!  Tight jeans and long hair)


Today; 2018; and the use of protection is gone.  We STILL have all those diseases and yes, their making a comeback!  There’s a significant rise in STI’s (formally known as STD’s)  They say it’s the older folk but the amount of younger men requesting bareback and bbbj is astounding!  Especially from an ESCORT!

Dudes!!  No Escort can confirm clean.  Like… HOW?  Does she know if the last guy who penetrated her holes was clean?  How?  Because she took his word?  Or the guy before him?  And then you cum and go…  Now do you have something?  Does your wife now have something?  Can you say divorse?  And what happens if you catch a killer?  Aides.  Ok not a killer by todays standards but now sex without condoms is considered a jail time offence!

It’s playing russian roulette with your dick.


BTW the pics are with an Ex-Husband.  NOT a stranger!  Someone I used to care about and date AFTER considerable time of condom use … and as one pic shows… we STILL used condoms!!

Ms. Scarlett




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