Sex Kitten

I don’t mind not being in control 😉  Just know that even I do have My limitations just as you all have yours!


Yes it is easy to make this woman purrrr…  just stroke me in just the right spot, nuzzle my neck and wooosh!  Watch me get wet!

If you’re a very dominant man and one who can take over my control (very few) then you will know my buttons to push!  Things that will make me turn into your sex kitten.  Your personal porn star.  Cum showered on my big tits or all over my ass.   You will know that I lose control when you do certain things to me… and maybe I will tell you or maybe the brat zips her lips and makes you make her 😉


And the things I may let you do!  With much protest perhaps.  Willingly?  Maybe!

Lovers xoxo

Ms. Scarlett


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