How Big is TOO BIG?

Ever wonder what it’s like?

What makes us want to go that extra mile?

To stretch beyond stretching capabilities?

To take that finger, anal plug, couple fingers, cock, strapon, double anal, double vaginal, fist pumping, horse cock inside of us!


Maybe it’s the feeling of being full.


Perhaps it’s the need to please!!  The anticipation of a hot gooey load…


Perhaps your just a slut who NEEDS EVERY GOD DAMN INCH OF COCK!!!


Because… dear cock slut… it’s a need driven deep down to your core!  You NEED to feel full.  To watch My face grin from ear to ear as you struggle to get just the tip in.


Hear your whimpers, your groans as you slowly slide down on the biggest cocks you have ever seen in your life….


But only after I have sufficiently gotten you so god damn loose with My fucking machine!



Ms. Scarlett


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