Control That O

Something in the way I have total control of your O that makes domination so sweet!

The power it infuses into My body!  The smile on my lips, the twinkle in My eyes as I continually refuse to let you orgasm.

Bringing you up that long slope with just My hands, slowly enticing you to cum and holding you there till your about to burst and then stopping.  Taking control of your primal instinct to multiply and denying you that very thing you want.

My favorite is allowing a little slut to put her lips on your dick.  Teaching her to suck you off.  Instructing.

making her suck you slow

tongue swirling


swallowing your cock

making your balls tight as you start to strain deeper

I make her stop.

deep down in her throat you twitch.

no tongue moving.  no gag.  no movement at all while you moan with a mixture of disappointment and desire to trust deeper and release.


Pulling her head off your thick cock, drool running down her chin, down your shaft

My hand wraps around the tip and I use quick strokes on just that tip…  listening to your breathing, watching your face, listening to the moan as I draw you again to the point of ejaculating, only to drive My hand to the base where I tighten My hold, keeping you from cumming.  Edging you.  Controlling your orgasm.

And as I do, I sweetly ask “what’s the denial count slut?”

Unable to think clearly you mumble…

And I say: “Start over!”  This is number 1….


Ms. Scarlett


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