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This phone sex GILF would love to have a young stud come and rock my world! I’m in my lingerie and awaiting my pizza; when I see you approaching I notice how hot you look!    pizza-delivery-boy
I invite you in so I can go get you a tip but I can’t reach the cookie jar I keep my money in. I get you to hold the chair while I climb up to grab some; when I notice you staring up my body. As I’m climbing down I slide my hand down your body and notice a great bulge in your pants! I slowly massage the front of your pants and start to unzip you. As I slide your pants down I lightly massage your erection as a low moan escapes your lips. I get down on my knees and slowly kiss the tip of your head and watch it bounce in anticipation of what is yet to come. I flick the head of your cock with my tongue and slowly inch it into my hot, wet mouth till you are deep in my tight throat. You are getting so turned on that you grab a handful of hair and start pushing my head in faster and harder.

I whisper in your ear I want you to fuck me; here now! You bend me over the table and grab my breasts from behind pushing your hard cock against my clit making me squirm. You pull the g-string to the side and slowly insert your rock hard cock and push it deep into my tight, wet pussy. As you push forward I start to rock back on your cock helping you fuck me deeper and harder! I feel you start to tremble as you are getting close to coming.” Ram me, baby, I wanna cum with you!” I scream as my body starts to spasm in pure bliss and we cum hard together. After you pull out I turn around and lick all your juices clean, give you your tip and send you on your way with a big grin on your face. What a great phone sex time with this hot and horny GILF!!

Silver Seductress Sienna

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