A Phone Sex Fantasy

I have a phone sex fantasy that goes like this: It had been a long day and I was so looking forward to home. I come into find supper waiting for me and you and your buddy are watching football. I make up a plate and sit and eat. Once I am finished you get up and take the empty plate into the kitchen but before you leave,  you bend down and tell your buddy to give me a body rub.

He starts at my feet and slowly works his way up my body rubbing every inch in my phone sex fantasy. You come over and kneel between my legs pushing my legs apart and start to lick my thigh working upwards until my pussy feels the heat of your breath. You suck my clit into your mouth and start to nibble on it. I try squirming away but you just pull me tight against your mouth burying your tongue deep into my tight, wet vagina. As your friend grabs my tits and begins squeezing them making my nipples so erect and sensitive.


In my phone sex fantasy, you come up and I undo your pants and slide my hand to release that big, hard cock. I start at the tip flicking my pierced tongue across the head of your cock. Then I slowly slide it deep into my hot mouth stroking it slow and deep. Your friend comes over and I rub over his jeans tracing the outline of his cock. You climb between my legs and slowly slide your cock over my clit, making me moan loud. As you penetrate me you tell me, ” I want to watch you suck his cock while I fuck you!” I pump his cock in and out sliding it deep into my tight little throat. You flip me over and start fucking me hard grabbing my hair pulling me back on you hard and rough. I start to thrash as my body starts to quiver screaming out in sheer pleasure you explode into me as I make your friend cum in my mouth dripping sperm down my chin. We clean up and lay in absolute satisfaction as we have a smoke and get ready for round two in our phone sex fantasy.

Silver Seductress Sienna

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