Role playing Phone Sex

Letting your imagination go leads to some amazing role playing phone sex!  You can be the teacher and I, your misbehaving student or visa versa!  Keeping me after class because of a failed assignment or  perhaps I have gone from goodie two shoes to the disruptive, provocative clothing wearing teen…and your concerned that the path I am following will lead me to ruin!

Role playing phone sex could even be out of this world!  Perhaps I am a alien from another planet; the last of my kind and I need to gather as much jizz from the earth men to be able to create a new species of life for my planet.  Trying to find that one male of your kind that can fertilize my special egg.

Or maybe our role playing phone sex is of me being a giantess and your the size of my pinkie finger….    Maybe I am your planets Saviour, and you must worship or be struck down by My henchmen!



Oh the scenarios we could do!

Your Goddess Scarlett
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