Phone Sex Toys

I had a filling fun time with my phone sex toys. You love to take charge and tell me that you are going to do things that may push my boundaries. You give me a safe word and tell me I am only allowed to use it when I can take no more. You tell me to get on my knees and I obey. You take off your pants and tell me you are going to fuck my mouth. You start slow and pick up speed slamming it into my hot mouth and down into my tight little throat. You stop and tell me your not ready to cum yet.


In this phone sex toy play, you ask me to pull out any and all toys and such that I have. You select the 8 inch long and 2 inch wide vibrator and slide it into my mouth telling me to get it nice and wet. You lay me on my back and use my ties to strap me to the bed so I can’t move. You slide between my legs and give me a few licks to get me ready as you slowly slide the vibrator into my tight wet pussy. You straddle my face and stick your young hard cock into my mouth and slowly fuck my mouth while you lick my clit and bite it and then start pumping that vibrator in hard making me buck trying to get out of the restraints.With each stroke you go deeper and harder in both holes.I start to pant hard and you tell me,”That’s right you cunt cum for Me” I scream as I gush all over the bed.


You pull your cock out of my mouth, flip me over telling me to stay on my knees because its time for phone sex toy dp.  You rub my clit a bit making me squirm, you grab a hold of my hips and slide your throbbing erect cock deep into my pussy. You grab a handful of my hair and pull me back on you hard I start to quiver as another wave of ecstasy flows over your erection. You pull out and slowly slide it into my tight little ass, reaching around and pinching my already erect nipples making them ache then you reach further down and bury my vibrator into my pussy stretching me so wide I start to scream but I have forgotten the safe word so you continue to penetrate both my holes and make me enjoy it. I am screaming I’m going to explode and you tell me to fucking cum for me you little whore that’s right cunt take it. You know you like it and I writhe in pain and pleasure as I let out a piercing scream I cum and you slowly pull out allowing me to collapse in sheer satisfaction.

Sensual Sienna

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