Something in the way I have total control of your O that makes domination so sweet! The power it infuses into My body!  The smile on my lips, the twinkle in My eyes as I continually refuse to let you orgasm. Bringing you up that long slope with just My hands, slowly enticing you to […]


Ok fella’s!  I know your itching for a big beautiful woman to play with!  I get your fascination with huge tits and a round jiggly ass!  So my question is…  why aren’t you hitting it? Geez Louise!  Come give Mama some TLC!  I am in need of some large hands on my breasts.  Lips on […]

Yeah i’m a hot mama and not just by my looks. I have a pussy thats in NEED of a pounding.  I am so god damn fucking horny its driving me nuts!  I need a cock.  Fuck I need a bunch of cocks…  one guy in and the other pounding at the door to fuck […]

Ever wonder what it’s like? What makes us want to go that extra mile? To stretch beyond stretching capabilities? To take that finger, anal plug, couple fingers, cock, strapon, double anal, double vaginal, fist pumping, horse cock inside of us! Maybe it’s the feeling of being full. Perhaps it’s the need to please!!  The anticipation […]

Behind these handcuffs is a human being.  Someone entrusting their lives in your hands.  Allowing you to be their God or Goddess.  Remember the power you hold.  It can bring tears of joy or you can crush them. In every relationship there’s give and take and for the Dominant human like Me, It’s amazing how […]