The Question or problem really, is that I get requests for BAREBACK and BBBJ,  let’s just clear the air:  Both are sexual interactions without the use of CONDOMS!    And something I WON’T DO!!! Ok, I get how you all think condoms make you feel less (isn’t that a good thing for you quick men?  […]


I have a huge foot fetish.  I do mean it!  Something about a man on his knees with My foot in his hands and a toe at his lips kissing, caressing and licking makes Me wet!   I love seeing how much it arrouses you too!  Watching your cock strain against the fabric of your […]

It’s on winter days like today I love to be pampered! Hot cup of coffee while I watch you bring in wood for the fireplace;  while my eyes wander your extremities!  Your broad shoulders, the flex of your biceps as your arms curl around the wood, your ass as you bend to stoke the fire. […]

I have been through some recessions before (90’s) and didn’t realize we were in a recession at the time but 2017 is a memorable one!  I know it is for all of you as well! It is the year I became a True Goddess. I have always known that males should adore Me.  I mean, […]

There is nothing better in this world (ok, a whole bunch are tied LOL)  but, I must admit I do LOVE FOOD PLAY!!! I mean who wouldn’t?  A mouthful of everything thats good for you!  And giving you energy to complete what you set out for…. No…!!!  Not eating lol  Well….  the food does get […]