I am the PERFECT Girlfriend! Think about it! I don’t send you those annoying Me! Me! Me! texts. I am not looking for prince fucking charming to live happily ever after. I cost less in the long run… and I’m not into you taking me out to wine & dine and maybe you’ll get to […]


My feet; oh God My feet so enjoy a great pedicure! Nothing like a day at the spa after a week in My shoes! And I have quite a few pairs to put on! Thick clunkers, shorties, thin stilettos, open toes, closed heel, granny boots, to My lovely thigh highs in red! But My favorite […]

Oh how I love a good slave 🙂 I am serious! There is nothing better than a man on his knees kissing My pretty toes while telling Me how good and wonderful I am! A Woman NEEDS to hear these things! What’s even better is after Worshiping at Mistresse’s toes, it crawls over obediently to […]

Oh I am a dirty dirty girl… or should I say woman! I got a call the other night from a couple and yes they wanted a bad girl who would make a good little whore for their 3 some! I walked into their hotel room and found HER lying on the bed, stroking a […]