My sister Scarlett had Me come over and play dress up with Her special little sissy, Christina! She looks like such a good little tramp wearing tight dresses and high heels. The run way fashion show of her outfits, she put on was pretty awesome. She’s a great little slut, and sucks cock like a […]


Shall we play? Oh yes please and don’t make me wait! I want to feel your strong hands on my body. Start by taking huge handfuls of my large firm tits. Kneading, massaging and stroking the nipples until they stand erect enough for your tongue to do lazy circles around them. Nip them lightly with […]

Oh god! Your thinking to yourself! School! Ugh! Bleah! Who needs it? Well… obviously YOU DO! Why do I say that? Everyone needs a brush up on their skills. Perhaps there’s something you didn’t know about (condoms & dams) or something you’ve never tried… seen.. Have you ever seen a fucking machine? Know how it […]

This is the treatment you deserve. you crave. you beg for. turning your tight hole into a gaping, well fucked, pegged hard, quivering mass of ass. Only thing missing is the cum. But Godess will fix that one day won’t She? When you’re ready. but you’re not ready yet slut. You’re still on My little […]

I am the PERFECT Girlfriend! Think about it! I don’t send you those annoying Me! Me! Me! texts. I am not looking for prince fucking charming to live happily ever after. I cost less in the long run… and I’m not into you taking me out to wine & dine and maybe you’ll get to […]